Google re-marketing

Create a convenient reason to remind the customer about the purchase.
Google dynamic re-marketing allows you to show ads to your audience based on your purchase history, website visits and demographic data.

Types of Google re-marketing

Usage of Google AdWords tools provides access to a finely tuned and focused on the interests of the consumers re-marketing strategy that has its own term dynamic re-marketing.

Its effectiveness is justified in advertising campaigns of online stores, the range of products in which it is measured in thousands of positions. It is difficult to set up a group of goals for each product, as it is customary in classical re-marketing. But if there is a technical possibility to carry out dynamic data collection of the feed, this tool copes with the tasks assigned to it in order to return potential and loyal consumers at times more effectively.

Google AdWords offers website owners five types of re-marketing that are suitable for any business:

There are other ways to return customers, e.g. those who viewed video content or downloaded the app. In this material, we will not dwell on them - consider the main types.

Search re-marketing

This technology will "catch up" with your potential buyers every time they access the search engine. Search re-marketing is divided into two types - Bid Only and Target&Bid. In the first case, the advertiser adjusts rates for audiences and in the second - shows promotional materials in the search only to those people who are on the re-marketing list.

Targeting a similar audience

The basis of this type of re-marketing is the principle of showing advertising materials to people with similar behavior. Internet marketers believe that this method of customer return should be used in conjunction with other technologies, such as search re-marketing.

To get the most value from your ads, you'll also need to select a list of websites with high conversion rates, or rather set up keyword targeting.

Customer match

This technology allows you to "warm up" customers who have left you a contact email. It will be great help for email marketing. Configuring the display of ads on the e-mail address, you will be able to catch up to the potential buyer.

Dynamic re-marketing

Ideal for e-commerce resources. If a website contains a large number of products or services, they can be advertised to users who have visited the website before, but did not buy anything. When set up correctly, a potential buyer will see your listing everywhere, which is likely to encourage them to make a purchase.

Standard Google re-marketing in GDN

This technology allows you to show advertising materials to the website visitors, which for any reason were not converted into a request or purchase. Internet marketers advise on using banners as often as possible. Users perceive graphic content better. To the audience, a quickly developed banner blindness will have to make a few pictures for ads and periodically change them. Setting restrictions on impressions will prevent a possible surge of negativity to the brand due to the frequent flickering of promotional materials.

It is more expedient to place banners on those websites of the CMS that give the maximum conversion at the minimum cost of a click. This will be determined within a month from the launch of Google re-marketing in GDN.

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Website geography on Google
Google provides a website binding tool for a certain region. In Search Console in the Subsection "Targeting on Languages and the Countries" of the section "Search Traffic" there is a tab “Country” in which it is specified with what country the website is connected.
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