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We can and we are ready! You only need your desire to increase sales.
Indicators of sales - one of the main components of success of any business. Financial success of the company depends on this component. If your website is visited by the bigger number of potential buyers, so the number of sales will begin to grow.

The main ways to increase site sales


Website optimization for mobile platforms. Mobile traffic is constantly growing. It is important that the site is well opened in a variety of mobile devices, because it is also your potential customers.


Improvement of landing pages. The effective heading draws attention. Pages should be provided with heading. It has to contain information about the page. By drawing up names it is necessary to analyze the main inquiries by which the clients carry out their search. The most effective headings - pressing to act.


Pressing to act. After reading useful information and characteristics of the retail goods a client may have questions. This phrase can help: "Do you have any questions? Call us!" Such appeal will increase the quantity of calls, therefore, will increase sales. Then the manager takes the client into his hands.


Control of the bounce rate. On the website one or several pages have the greatest bounce rate - it is necessary to work over this page. It means that clients do not find necessary information there. The potential client is lost. The small analysis can adjust sales.


If there is a detailed description of goods and the client finds answers to all questions interested him, the chance of purchase will sharply increase. Here the law "purchase from the third contact" works: "Clients have already visited your site - it helped, all their questions were answered - clients remember it".


The colourful and attractive pictures are much more interesting for the client than the text description. Thanks to existence of big photos the client sees what goods he is going to buy. Without pictures and photos of good quality it is impossible to increase sales.


Use mail out as much as possible. It is necessary to remind the client constantly about the company. Don`t do the text in the mail too long - mail out has to attract interest of the client. You should not forget about effective heading.


Create the blog and to be engaged regularly in its filling. It is necessary to place articles describing goods. It is also possible to use the subjects which may be interesting for clients. For example, the online store of electronics can do reviews of the new phone models or any other equipment. If the blog is rather informative, readers will become interested in it.


Social networks activity. Buttons "Share''. Why these buttons are useful:

  • Friends of a person who has done repost will see the company and the offered goods.
  • The reference to goods can remain on the page of that person for a long time. The search engine can also find it.

Simple order form. Has to contain a minimum fields, but at the same time provide managers with all necessary information. Right at the beginning it is necessary to know the client's full name, his phone number, his post and e-mail address. The majority of orders are cancelled because of a difficult "fill in" stage and a set of infinite fields.


Free shipping. Provide the clients with free shipping. It can serve as a certain incentive for purchases. It is also possible to do free shipping upon purchase from some concrete sum. For example, free shipping directly to your house upon purchase from 99 pounds.


Conversion. On average out of 40-100 visitors the order is done only by 1 person depending on a type of activity. To increase these indicators it is necessary to increase efficiency of the website, so, to train the managers who receive calls and make out orders.


Purchase of a set. Usually such option most of all suits online stores of clothes but such way can be tried also on other goods. The key to success — competent realization. How this method works: the client has decided to buy shoes, and you can suggest him to get the handbag which is ideal for these shoes, glasses, etc. It works.


Comments. The buyers opinion is very important for your shop. Doesn`t matter whether it is a response of the ordinary buyer or high quality expert. If it is impossible to leave comments on your website, it needs to be corrected urgently. Statistically, more than 60 percent of people are interested in responses of other buyers.


Regular sales. It sould be surely explained to clients for what reason sale began: seasonal sale, old collection with a discount. Buyers have to be aware why there is a reduction of prices in your online store.


Trade dress and design of online store. It`s typical for people to buy beautifully packed goods or something which draws their attention. Website also works under this principle.


Imposing, but at the same time simple name of your product can influence on gain in sales. The choice of a successful name - guarantee of great demand. A buyer should say it without effort. It is also possible to give a unique name to your product, but at the same time it is important that the client precisely understands what the product is.


Tell only the truth about the goods. The worst is a deception of your clients. Do not describe your product incorrectly. If after purchasing a buyer does not observe those qualities which your description provides, the probability that he will return to buy something is almost zero.

Eliminate technical errors of website development. They reduce SEO results and the number of visitors. There are 3 types of such problems: HTML code errors, site script errors, viruses.
Use your budget as efficiently as possible. First you need to use the cheapest and proven methods. After receiving a positive result, you can add more expensive advertising.
Note the following: one of the best options to increase online store sales is a combination of SEO + PPC + SERM. This will give maximum efficiency at minimum cost.

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LorakBikes LTD
LorakBikes LTD
The company Lorak, LTD is largest manufacturer of bicycles.
Improve brand awareness, increase sales of Lorak bicycles.
Developed a brand website, brand book, banners for stands at exhibitions. Launched SEO website promotion and SERM advertising. In 2019, together with the redesign of the site, the design of bicycles and the logo were finalized.
For more than 7 years of cooperation a lot of work on the site and advertising campaigns was carried out. Sales and site traffic have increased by a factor.
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Google provides the website binding tool to a certain region. In Search Console in the Subsection "Targeting on Languages and the Countries" of the section "Search Traffic" there is a tab “Country” in which it is specified with what country the website is connected.
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