Target audience in advertising

The answer to the question: "Who is my client?" makes advertising interesting & effective.
Determining the audience of consumers is necessary for business owners of different levels. This will help to increase the effectiveness of advertising and reduce the path to a potential consumer.

Target audience sources

The main sources of the target audience for your site.
Search engines
Google, Yandex and others.
Offline advertising
TV, outdoor, radio etc.
News site
RTB members, ORM articles.
Various messengers
WhatsApp, viber, telegram.
Video hosting
YouTube, vimeo.

How to determine the target audience of the site

To determine the site’s target audience, follow the list of the following items:

B2B and B2C in building the target audience

Can the target audience of one online store belong simultaneously to the b2b and b2c? Of course, because the beauty store can sell products to private clients and beauty salons.

If your end users are only b2b, then it will be easier for you. The fact is that the b2b segment is more stable, of course, excluding periods of crisis. But the b2c type cannot boast with stability, because the commodity market is annually filled with modern technologies, new developments, improved cosmetics formulas, which entails sharp fluctuations in demand.

When choosing buyers for b2c type, it is necessary to receive information about new products and trends.

5W Mark Sherrington Technique

To determine the target audience, it is necessary to segment the market using 5 key questions (5W Sherrington):

The results will be the final touch in the process of market segmentation, helping to identify the target audience.

It should be noted that at any stage of development of an online store, it is advisable to put a search for the target audience as one of the items on the list of high-priority cases.

An inaccurate portrait of target audience leads to many mistakes in branding and advertising campaigns.

One of our work

LorakBikes LTD
LorakBikes LTD
The company Lorak, LTD is largest manufacturer of bicycles.
Improve brand awareness, increase sales of Lorak bicycles.
Developed a brand website, brand book, banners for stands at exhibitions. Launched SEO website promotion and SERM advertising. In 2019, together with the redesign of the site, the design of bicycles and the logo were finalized.
For more than 7 years of cooperation a lot of work on the site and advertising campaigns was carried out. Sales and site traffic have increased by a factor.
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Website geography in Google
Google provides the website binding tool to a certain region. In Search Console in the Subsection "Targeting on Languages and the Countries" of the section "Search Traffic" there is a tab “Country” in which it is specified with what country the website is connected.
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