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Your business needs a new competitive website. It needs a comprehensive long-term marketing strategy website development to obtain maximum sales.

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Basic SEO of the website and support are already included in the cost of development.
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We do not impose any package solutions, choose what you need, without overpayments.
Terms of work are defined in the contract and we always keep within the deadline.
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Quality website development at an affordable price

Among web studios there is a huge offer and each of them creates websites, but at very different prices. Some can offer very cheap projects, but provide standard solutions, while others, in turn, offer fully unique solutions, but at very high prices.

We have to differ from our competitors and we chose the best way for us — we try to do our work qualitatively and inexpensively!

Our competitors may say that this is impossible but we strongly disagree with them. When developing websites, we went through the competent optimization of costs.

For starters, we decided to abandon the personnel which do not affect the quality of the created websites. Our staff is exclusively technical specialists. Then we automated what is possible to automate without losing the quality of our work.

Honest work and complex service of the website is profitable

However, our prices do not worsen the quality of our websites and the ability to work under the contract gives an additional guarantee on the quality of the projects and strict adherence to deadlines.

How can we prove that? First of all you can look at our portfolio which you can view in the appropriate section. In addition, our organization does not have a single legal claim and on the Internet there are no bad reviews about us. The reason for all these is simple — we work for quality and always carry out the declared!

The contracts, which we have created, do not contain any tricks or pitfalls and the organization itself has been working for a very long time.

Of course, for the successful business operation of the website only development may not be enough and in this regard we provide a range of services. From providing web hosting to SEO and refinement.

What does the development of the website usually include?

As a rule, a designer, coder, programmer and SEO specialist take part in the development of an ordinary website.

  • Analysis of competitors websites. Coordination with the client wishes and recommendations on the project;
  • design development of the website`s main page using the logo and corporate identity elements;
  • design development of all standard internal pages. After this stage, it is no longer possible to change the design of the website, as a step back will entail a revision of the terms and cost;
  • do the layout of pages;
  • programming and testing of internal processes;
  • test website content (filling in several sections or names with test information to check performance) and full-scale testing are carried out;
  • perform initial SEO optimization.

What kind of website do you need exactly?

There are no identical websites. Depending on what kind of activity you are engaged in, what types of products you produce. Ordinary consumer or expensive branded products, simple service or a large construction / manufacturing company. We will find out who your customers are from a social point of view and analyze the demand.

Based on your wishes, analysis of competitors and recommendations of SEO promoter, we will create a website that will increase sales of your company.

A good website is not only a sales tool. With the introduction of additional features you can save time on communication with customers, speed up and automate the filling of content on the website, make your business more interactive.

How to make a website work on multiple areas or countries?

The solution is to create a multi-regional website from the SEO perspective.

With the right approach to development you can use our help to expand the geography of your sales. It depends not only on the quality of the advertising campaign, but also on the pre-designed functionality.

In fact, you need to let the search engine know that you are ready to provide services or sell products in several regions. Then the website will be able to do SEO in these cities / countries.

PriceThe cost of complex website design is about £ 1000
The design layouts developed at the initial stage serve as a visual representation of the functionality of the created website and a technical task for programming. Even when the website is made completely, we are ready within 12 months to make minor changes to the functionality at your request.

One of our work

LorakBikes LTD
LorakBikes LTD
The company Lorak, LTD is the largest manufacturer of bicycles.
Improve brand awareness, increase sales of Lorak bicycles.
Developed a brand website, brand book, banners for stands at exhibitions. Launched SEO website promotion and SERM advertising. In 2019, in addition to the redesign of the website, the design of bicycles and the logo were finalized.
For more than 7 years of cooperation a substantial amount of work on the website and advertising campaigns was carried out. Sales and site traffic have increased by a factor.
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Website geography on Google
Google provides a website binding tool for a certain region. In Search Console in the Subsection "Targeting on Languages and the Countries" of the section "Search Traffic" there is a tab “Country” in which it is specified with what country the website is connected.
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